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X-Ray Basics

What Are X-Rays?

Using X-rays we have learned to make the invisible visible ...

X-Ray Imaging

How does an X-ray image differ from a photographic image?

X-Ray Limitations

Checkpoint Roles & Responsibilities

The operators manning airport x-ray machines must carry out a wide variety of tasks ...

Operating Procedures

Recommended operating procedures for an effective X-ray screening operation ...

Hand Searching

All baggage items which exhibit suspicious signs, clutter or X-ray opaque areas must be thoroughly searched by hand ...

Searching Passengers

A pat-down search is an additional form of passenger screening performed if a person has set off a metal detector, or if he/she is selected for additional screening because of suspicious appearance/behaviour.

Image Enhancement Features

X-ray image are electronic signals which can be interpretate to different colors and emphasis different parts of the image.

Health and Safety

Security X-ray machines generate radiation, but they do not pose health risks to operators or the general public if they are maintained and operated correctly ...
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